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What if your son or daughter is already homeschooling their children but struggles to teach a certain subject? This gives you and your son or daughter a great opportunity to tag team homeschooling your grandchildren! In the case of one grandmother, both of her daughters excelled in language arts, but neither was fond of math.

Do you know the maximum time you can expand a marshmallow in the microwave before it starts to shrink and harden? You can assist by teaching children skills that time-starved parents would never get around to-—important things like fishing, sewing or cabinetmaking. You want to be involved, but sadly, distance keeps you apart. The influence of a grandparent can be great or small, good or evil. The decision is left to the grandparent. Generally as we grow older, we do not change; we simply become more of what we have been all along—more joyful, loving and faithful or more miserable, negative and irritating.

If you were twice as much yourself as you are now, what kind of grandparent would you be? If you do not have someone who can mentor you in this, seek some assistance and find someone who can. If God is so gracious as to grant you grandchildren, meet these little ones with books and heirlooms, stories and pictures, faith and love in hand.

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Pray that God finds you a willing lump of clay who want to be molded into a grandmother or a grandfather who blessed generations. Your greatest contribution to homeschooling is the encouragement and totally biased support that you give to your children and grandchildren. May God bless the grandparents who are making a difference!

Grandparenting – Eight Ways to Stay Connected with Your Grandchildren

If you live in Texas, we invite you to visit our organization website and learn more about the local work of Texas Home School Coalition, including our best-in-class homeschool conventions, Called to Teach and other events like Texas State Capitol Days. You can also get connected to other Texas homeschoolers by finding a local group. We partner with more than groups.

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  6. We also offer membership that comes with many time- and money-saving perks and discounts. Can Grandparents Homeschool? Getting Started. New to homeschooling? For seventh grade, their schedule includes math, Bible study, spelling, English, science, Spanish, geography and medieval history. They usually wrap up around noon.

    Grandparents: Models, Mentors and Memory-Makers

    If her grandson socialized any more, they would not be able to handle it! Back to Top. Concerns About Becoming a Homeschooling Grandparent. More Financial Freedom to Pour Into Your Grandchildren Most homeschooling grandparents are able to invest more in the life of their grandchildren than their own kids.

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    Ability to Train Your Grandchildren in Problem-Solving With the Christ-centered character guidance fostered by homeschooling, your grandchildren can learn to work things out among themselves. The Godly Blessings of Homeschooling Grandchildren Outweigh the Concerns The bottom line for homeschoolers may not always be as easily defined as for those who endure all the standardized testing.

    I Chronicles His most famous offspring was his grandson, Bezalel, the master craftsman and construction foreman for the Tabernacle and its furnishings. Use Skype, Facetime and good old-fashioned snail mail to encourage your grandkids. There is nothing like them receiving a letter in your own handwriting. Create a scrapbook from momentos that you can add to each year for the busy parents. Give financially.

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    Homeschooling can be expensive when the parents are providing all the school materials on their own. You can even give your grandchildren an audiobook so that they can hear the way words are pronounced. Take a vacation with the grandkids. Research travel books and websites to determine possible destinations and then forward the information to the grandchildren via email.

    Make a family tree. There are ways to track your ancestry online now so that both families can access it. Share with them memories of what Aunt Ruth used to say or what made Great-Grandfather Harold so funny.

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    Take them on field trips. This can be as simple as going out for ice cream and sharing memories of making homemade ice cream with your grandchild. National and local history museums come alive for students when seen through the lens of someone who lived part of that history.

    Attend a homeschool conference. Can a Grandparent Homeschool Their Grandchild? Related Posts. Frequently Ask Questions. Site Map. Men, as the spiritual head of the family, it is your responsibility to make sure that this happens! But most of the biblical commands are aimed at the father.

    Teach them how to start the day off right with the Lord. Again, your example teaches a lot. If your kids are always grumpy in the morning, show them and tell them how to start off with a cheerful heart. The gate points to civic or social life as another chance to talk about God. Moses is saying that everything you think and do, from the bedroom to the business world, should be permeated with the Word of God. Dads, you should explain the great truths of salvation to your kids. God gives many negative commands, but not because He is a heavenly killjoy.

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    He cares for us and wants to bless us; obedience is the way to experience His blessing. The Bible is not some pious book to display on the coffee table and dust off for births, weddings, and funerals. It tells us what to think and how to act, from the most private to the most public details of our lives. We need to teach that to our kids and have the kind of open communication where we can talk about all these areas. If you want to raise up godly grandchildren, you must love God fervently and you must teach your children diligently.

    Moses warns Israel of the spiritual dangers that they will face when they settle into Canaan. I point out two safeguards from these verses:. If it was not legal to gather as a church, every one with the courage to come here would be actively trusting in the Lord. Probably some of you are coasting spiritually. What about the god of affluence? What about the god of pleasure? Or what about the god of personal peace?

    This is the god we follow for the benefits he gives. As things go well, you worship him. But when trials hit or hard problems come along, you abandon this god. Israel treated the living God this way at Massah ; see Exod. How you handle trials teaches your kids a lot about God!

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    You need to examine yourself continually. Every aspect of life--my thoughts, attitudes, words, deeds, schedule, possessions--must be lived with a view toward pleasing the Lord. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.