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Click here to return to the page you were visiting. Sorry we could not verify that email address. Enter your email below and we'll send you another email. Polkton Police Chief Matthew Norris told Channel 9 anchor Liz Foster that nobody else was hurt and authorities are looking for at least two suspects.

Police do not yet know the motive behind the crime and it was unclear if the suspects knew the victim.

They said he had three children and that his fiancee was pregnant. They were supposed to be married next week. The mother of one of Watts' children has so many questions and is pleading for those responsible to come forward. She said her year-old son is heartbroken. And to the person who did this to him, I hope he comes forward. Come forward, man. Neighbors Channel 9 talked to said Watts was shot in the back of the mobile home, though police have not confirmed those details.

Those neighbors described Watts as a good man and a good father, and they were surprised that he was killed. They were supposed to get married. They were excited. Sign in using your wsoc profile Need a profile? Welcome back. Use another account. You're Almost Done!

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Hit That Beach! Chapter XI. Information, Please! Colorado BB Diary U. Searaven S. Related Content. Boats-Ships--Amphibious Warfare Ships. Document Type. Navy Communities. File Formats. Location of Archival Materials. Author Name. Place of Event.

Recipient Name. Via: Commander, U. Naval Forces, Europe. Subject: Naval Combat Demolition Units; report of. Reference: a CominCh ltr. Enclosure: A Lt. A of 15 July, with attached report. File No. From: Lt. Subject: Naval Combat Demolition units; report of. Enclosure: 1 Report on the work of the U. Naval Combat Demolition Units in breaching beach obstacles. Some of the material collected has been briefed to make up the report which forms Enclosure 1 of this letter.

Brief Summary. General, for NCDU work under any circumstances. To Falmouth. They were also under the jurisdiction or the C. Within the group itself, there was a Senior Officer Lt. Units drew up an advanced training program for themselves, but the lack of a Unit Commander caused some difficulty in getting training under way, especially in the matter of getting obstacles constructed for the Units to demolish. Late January — Lt. Report based on photo sorties flown on 20 and 21 February.

Cheyenne and Sioux decimate frontiersmen at Beecher's Island

From this date obstacles grew steadily denser till D-day. Early March — Lt. Mid-April — Lt. Total number of Units now was 17, split almost equally among the three Groups; each unit, 1 officer and five men, usually including a chief or first class.

Groups of 10 or more save BIG!

Army, called in the Naval Demolition Group Commanders and some other Naval Demolition Officers for advice on obstacle clearance under certain hypothetical conditions. Officers of NCDU guessed, but were never told, that the actual operational plan was being made. The Demolition Operation Orders of the two Forces were not written at till later, but at this time the following basic decisions were made: a that obstacles could be expected to continue growing denser until the operation; b that the obstacles should be attacked when in three feet of water or less; and c that hand placed charges were the most practicable method under the circumstances.

During all planning, NCDU officers emphasized that men setting hand-placed charges could accomplish their mission only if opposing fire were neutralized.

Invasion: China

Joseph H. Gibbons, USN, and Lt. Herbert A. These men had volunteered, with very vague ideas of what they were volunteering for. They were inexperienced in demolition work end therefore were apportioned evenly among the Units for training. Just before the operation, those unsuited for demolition work were turned over to Salcombe Base while two or sometimes three of the others were retained with each unit.

Those retained, however, were given non-technical work such as tending rubber boats etc. The time here was spent in obtaining final items of gear, and in preparing Hagensen and other charges, detonator assemblies, and and personal equipment. Mid-May — Several freighters arrived in scattered U. These were stored "for future reference.

Invasion: Colorado (Invasion America, #3) by Vaughn Heppner

Officers received partial briefing. Assault Units went aboard LCTs.

Crews briefed aboard their craft. Craft got under way, but bad weather forced postponement of the Operation. The story of the actual operation is told in Section II.

Gap Clearance. The type and intensity of the fire that met them is by now well known.