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They already killed their own site, Linux. Yes, Mr. In the past 24 hours we tried to figure out what to do next because we need to pressure PIA to keep the site online, albeit it needs to be done politely and diplomatically. If they hand it over to someone who can host it reliably, who would that be?

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We need to campaign for this. A new owner that is not benevolent can exploit copyrights to forcibly keep the site offline for good.

Takedown notices can be issued against copies and mirrors. One Techrights reader already wrote a script to download the whole site, complete with all the URLs. But he has not run the script. Time is limited, hence the urgency.

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We just prepared the process, shall it become necessary e. August 9, at am. Red Hat Forum Belgium: Interesting sponsors.

Next Meeting: Wednesday the 2nd of October 12222

Are we even surprised? Roy Schestowitz Reply: August 9th, at pm. Downloading ChronOS Linux v3. ChronOS v4. Downloading ChronOS Linux v4.

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In addition to the packages made available on our downloads page, the ChronOS source code is available in the form of git repositories, available here. Past publications on distributed threads and real-time scheduling are available here. Note that if you downloaded this release before November 4th, , there was an error in the libchronos that shipped with the release, and you should re-download it to get the fixed version.

You can find us in the chronoslinux channel on freenode. Binoy Ravindran binoy vt.

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Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this site are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation or US NSWC. Jump to: navigation , search.

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For kernel programming tips and other related documentation, please look at Kernel Programming Tips Getting the Code In addition to the packages made available on our downloads page, the ChronOS source code is available in the form of git repositories, available here. This is the author's version of the work.

We won in the category of Favorite Business Office Software. A Top performance for OpenOffice , made more impressive by the fact that this was looking at downloads of both open source and proprietary software packages. We received two Bossie Awards in , both in the Desktop category.

The UpdateStar Editor's Choice Award is given only to a small group of top software products leading in their field. Award given to OOWriter - see the full article. Two awards: OpenOffice.

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They offer OpenOffice. Thanks, folks! Congratulations to this effort! Thanks to all our users for their votes! Nor did EIOffice, a program that has received much praise in our pages in the past, register more than a few votes. There might not be any such thing as a free lunch, but there most certainly is a free office suite thanks to this excellent effort. In terms of functionality, version 2.

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