Manual Reach Your Goals: 7 Days of Journaling to Goal Getting Success (Journaling for the Self of It!™)

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Inside, the premium-quality paper is easy to write on, with two silk ribbon markers for keeping your place. The smooth matte finish is a pleasure to handle and the gorgeous design will inspire you to use it often. Features :.

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Our Yoga Journal helps anyone, beginner or advanced, create a daily mindfulness and yoga practice. Yes, we ship worldwide. Just be sure to be on the right store for your location using the flags at the top of the page. We offer a 14 day return policy if you change your mind. Please see our return terms and conditions for full details.

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Invest in the broad market ie. Here is an article that explains the basics of index investing. These are the high points:. Many of you are already invested in mutual funds. Now there is nothing wrong with mutual funds as a category — I even hold some myself. The problem is that most mutual funds are over priced and under perform. Unfortunately with mutual funds, you generally do not get what you pay for. Many funds charge a high MER and cannot keep up with the index.

In fact, research shows that only a very small percentage of active mutual funds can beat the index over the long term. They have a much lower MER than their active counterparts which will result in a larger portfolio for you in the future. You can easily do this by switching from active funds to index funds. To keep it as simple as possible, here is how to build an index mutual fund portfolio with your existing bank. If you have a larger account, and comfortable with the ins and outs of a self-directed discount brokerage account.

Vanguard Canadian index 0. Since ETFs trade with a discount brokerage, there will be trading commission attached. I have a number of accounts, but Questrade is the favorite among MDJ readers.

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If you do a google search, you may discover that there is a fairly large ETF selection out there. To make it even simpler, I have provided my opinion on the easiest index ETF portfolios depending on which discount brokerage you are already with. Dividend growth investing is where you buy individual stocks that have a history of increasing their dividend on an annual basis. The goal is to build a diversified portfolio that produces a tax efficient income stream that increases every year.

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How tax efficient is it? The strategy can get quite detailed, but if you are interested, here are some articles that may help:.

If you are focused on your career, what can you do to add more value to your company? Can you increase value through education?

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What can you do to increase sales? What about a side business? Do you have something that you are passionate about, that you could share with others? I can tell you that our side online business has made an impact on our finances over the years. For many though, increasing income equates to lifestyle inflation, however, if you can bank your raises , the faster you will reach your financial goals.

Lifestyle inflation can be difficult to fight, but here are some ideas to help with the battle. There are many ways to build wealth, but the strategies contained in this article have worked for me in obtaining my financial goals. The most important thing that you can do is to take the first step.

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