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There is a big difference.

Holland's Career Choice Theory

This is clear in our primary vocation within the family that God used to bring us into the world. We did not choose our parents. We did not pick our brothers and sisters. Nor did our parents, really, choose us. They may have chosen to have us—or, for those of us who have been adopted, they picked us out—but they did not choose exactly how we turned out.

Factors Influencing High School Students in the Choice of a Vocation

It is more a matter of being chosen—he chose her, but she also chose him—that is to say, being called. Nor did we choose what country we were born in. Nor is our vocation in the church merely a matter of our choice. But as Samuel Johnson commented, the church you were raised in was the church in which God placed you. Certainly Christians should join some other church if they no longer believe what that church teaches or come to believe that another theological tradition is more faithful to the Word of God.

When it comes to our employment, though, surely we choose our line of work.

But Surely I Choose My Line of Work, Right?

In college, as early as filling out the application to get in, we were asked to choose our major and to launch off on the career path of our choice. Despite all of this, it is simply not true, in the ultimate sense, that we choose our lifework. I do not have the talent or the ability.

No matter how much I want to, I cannot hit, throw, run, or catch.

Free Choice and Vocation

No team would draft me. Baseball is clearly not my vocation. When I was young, I really liked airplanes.

I was not good at math, and physics made my eyes glaze over. Related Information. Close Figure Viewer.

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Vocational Guidance & College Career Services

In verse 14 not in the lectionary reading Sirach says,. God in the beginning created human beings and made them subject to their own free choice. This means God gives us freedom and the power to make our lives what we like. Saint Ignatius reminds us that since the purpose for our lives is to serve and glorify God, our choices must be for that purpose as well. None of us choose to be born.