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Go through a series of 4 classes devoted to making sure you make a great first impression in the first 90 seconds of your job interview and beyond! A person develops an opinion of you within the first 20 seconds of meeting you.

8 Habits of Highly Successful Students

We help you make a great impression! You need to navigate the pathways that connect education and employment in order to achieve a fulfilling and rewarding career.

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Four Keys to College and Career Readiness. Source: Educational Policy Improvement Center. Key Cognitive Strategies: How do I think? To prepare for college-level coursework, you need to do more than memorize facts and follow directions.

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College and workplace success requires thinking skills and strategies that enable you to develop and demonstrate your ability to learn, apply, and use knowledge and information to solve problems. Conley says there are five strategies that are essential to the insightful thinking required to succeed in post-secondary education:. Key Content Knowledge: What do I know? To prepare for college coursework, you need strong foundational knowledge in core academic subjects.

For specific information about recommended high school coursework and standardized test scores needed for to college success, go to: National College Readiness Indicators. Yet, simply completing the recommended high school classes is not enough!

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Your success in mastering subject-matter content takes motivation, time, energy, effort, and the use of learning strategies. Students who learn key content knowledge effectively and efficiently:. Conley notes that no single factor is more important to your success as a student than the degree to which you take ownership for your learning. Do you approach learning with curiosity? Find ways to work toward your goals? Practice good study habits? To transition smoothly from high school to college and career, you may have to navigate through some pretty complex challenges — personally, culturally, financially and professionally.

From knowing how to apply to college, exploring and choosing your career path, paying for school, advocating for your own best interests, to adjusting to the work environment, you need to know how to get where you want to go.

Finding A Job Is A Full-Time Job: Keys To Approaching A Job Search When Unemployed

Start here:. Get that lanyard for your dorm-room key! Anyone who would recognize and remember your name is an individual who truly makes up part of your network. Sometimes, it is truly eye-opening for some people to see how large their networks really are. Take this email and send it to everyone in your network individually.

7 Keys To A Successful Job Search

You will want to personalize each of these emails to the person you are sending it to so that it comes across as genuine and not canned. Include a copy of your resume in your email as well so they have it as reference. What do I mean by this? This exercise, while effective, is time-consuming. So, take into consideration the advice I provided earlier about setting goals. Set a goal to send five to ten emails a day to your network.

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This way, you feel accomplished each day and your emails are carefully crafted and well thought out. Create an Excel spreadsheet of all the jobs you apply to and include the company name, job title, any job identification number, the date you applied and a section for notes to include any special information you want to remember about that company, job, and personal connection. You will also want to create a similar spreadsheet for the networking conversations you end up having. It will be important to remember the names and conversations you have so you can refer back in the future.

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Think about any additional certifications, licenses or professional education classes that you can invest your time and effort into. This will only prove to make you more marketable in the eyes of your future employer and add to your overall skills and abilities. Although it may seem daunting and scary at first, being unemployed does not have to last very long if your approach is spot-on. Armed with a positive attitude and a daily routine, your next job is right around the corner. As Director, Craig is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Graduate Business Career Services and ensuring the delivery of quality career development programming and services to students within the Hough Graduate School of Business at the University of Florida.

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