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After he told me what he told I ran to smash the nearest wall with my forehead. Stijn just told me that on the last 5 days of September it was really damn hot with very little, migration but then, on October 1, the weather became cooler and at am someone opened the tap and some 47, LSEs were counted mainly over two stations during two hours only! The mother of all-time floods. Jaisson, a semitrailer driver from England, had over 30, eagles alone over 'Genigar' station , while the senior Hank Smith from the Netherlands, who came to volunteer every 2 nd year since , received his share with additional 17, bird in 'Sarid' Station.

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Stijn, the survey conductor was the one to be cursed some 14 km far west, receiving 1 LSE all day. And I was in Prague.

Luckily I was in Prague. If I had been here instead, I would surely have ended up like Stijn, and probably take a drastic action. But one good thing came out of this phone call.

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There was a chance something was changing. The Eagles however played their own game: It was already October 8 th and the season total was at 50, Eagles only. So I took a day off doing birding in the far north of the country At am Yoav Perlman called and told me "it started, hurry up". In few minutes he got over 3, birds low-overhead and birds kept on flooding.

In the next six hours it was Eagle non-stop and the day ended up with 35, birds. Something was changing but that wasn't all. To our amazement additional 18, birds passed on the following day, bringing the season total to , The , barrier was crossed for the first time since But with all that, somehow I was still hungry. The proposals met some opposition but on the whole people who wear wellies and watch Country File on a Sunday morning without a hangover have got right behind it, especially when they were told that doctors are the main source of bovine TB.

If the Royal College gets its way the cull could be over in a few short months. Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment.

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Tom Wlodarczyk 19 Sep pm. The UK is the lowest paying country for GP's not to mention for the rest of its doctors. Please note the international income scale in the Australia artical in the pulse.

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Read the latest issue online Why your neighbours are earning more than you. Search the site Search. The lesser-spotted single-handed GP practice business , Through the K Hole , finance and practice life. Report this comment Anonymous 19 Sep pm i think the plan to abandon single handed practice is just another nail in the coffin Unsuitable or offensive? Posts See all.


Jul 15, I've got to say that even though the urge is there I just can't bring myself to make anything these days. I'm getting through that funk slowly but wheesht… don't go to art college, kids! No uploads, I just wanted shout 'I'm here! Fiat lux, Paddy. This one is for ftpaddict Mar 5, It's been a while. Feb 1, The adjustments shall make my portfolio consistent with other outlets Facebook etc.

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