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And this led me to start to wonder whether we would be able to enjoy some of the best restaurants at Disneyland Paris. Now you must remember that there are two elements to Disneyland Paris; the Disney Park and Walt Disney Studios and each can lay claim to the best restaurant at Disneyland Paris.

But there is nothing better than hearing recommendations from those who have been. Who better to advise you on the best place to eat at Disneyland Paris than families who have already been with their kids. Her girls love it too as it is quite a themed restaurant. The meal at the Auberge de Centrillon is the best place to meet the Disney Princesses, while half-board dining could be a good way to eat in a few places for either lunch or dinner. She said it. Her family also enjoyed their meals at the Plaza Gardens and Buffalo Bills. Although they only ate at Disney eateries as they had a full-board meal plan, they have heard Vapiano, just outside the Disney Village, is a good place to eat.

Although she did warn that the service can be very slow in both places, despite the staff being very helpful. Beth from Twinderelmo loved Hakuna Matata, whose chips are divine. They visited there at 4pm one afternoon and it was quite empty and the service and atmosphere was amazing.

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Nat from Awaybies has also heard good things about Vapiano, outside the Disney Village. In the first section below you will find a list of the best restaurants in the Disney Park of Disneyland Paris, while the second concentrates on the best places for food in the Walt Disney Studios of Disneyland Paris.

There are also an abundance of places to eat in the Disney Village and quite a few of those got a thumbs up from my fellow bloggers. There are five different areas to the Disney Park, each with a number of restaurants to choose from. It is here that you will find the best restaurant in Disneyland Paris to meet the Disney Princesses, and also where you can enjoy some fine dining at Disneyland Paris.

It is by far the best place to eat in Disneyland Paris if you have a Disney Princess fan on your hands. Just remember to dress them in their best princess costume for maximum interaction chances with the characters. Located in the Disney Park, this restaurant hosts character breakfast as well as buffet meals. Dine amongst Victorian splendour and enjoy an international menu.

It is one of the best Disneyland Paris food places where you can meet a large number of the characters, get their autograph and have a picture taken with them, all while enjoying a buffet breakfast.

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Located in Frontierland, this counter service eatery offers Tex-Mex food a little less costly than some of the other eateries. It is also one of the best Disneyland Restaurants for toddlers due to it being a quick service restaurant. Another counter service restaurant, Hakuna Matata is located in Adventureland in the Disney Park, where an international menu is on offer. This restaurant is located in the Disney Hotel, at the entrance to the Disney Park, and is another of the Disneyland Paris restaurants where some character dining happens.

A balanced breakfast buffet is on offer, along with contemporary specialities for lunch and dinner. There are a few restaurants located within the Walt Disney Studios Park, and it is within this park that many argue it where you will find THE best place to eat in Disneyland Paris. Located in Walt Disney Studios, this Ratatouille-themed restaurant is a table service restaurant serving traditional French cuisine. This restaurant always comes highly recommended for the best Disneyland Paris food, all while enjoying the rat-themed ambiance.

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Famous faces from films adorn the wall in this classy French buffet restaurant. Situated between the two parks, there are a number of different restaurants and places to eat located within the Village. A few in this area have been recommended as having the best food places in Disneyland Paris.

This table service restaurant is in the Disney Village and serves an exotic menu.

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Set deep in the Amazon rainforest, you can dine in the company of animated animals and to the sounds of singing birds, trumpeting elephants and thunder claps. Another table service restaurant in the Disney Village, an American-diner style menu is on offer here.

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Enjoy your meal from servers on skates while great tunes come from the jukebox. A table service restaurant serving grilled specialities, this eatery is located in the Disney Village and is styled as a downtown Chicago jazz restaurant. Located in the Disney Village, as the name suggests, this is a pasta and pizza bar offering Italian and Mediterranean dishes suitable for all the family. While not Paris, she does recommend taking your own snacks and planning your day, so you know where and what you want to eat in advance. It may seem a bit crazy but not all the places serve the same things.

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She also recommends eating at off peak times to try and avoid the lunchtime rush. Although we had a breakfast meal booked with our hotel, and a character breakfast, I considered changing to a half-board option to give us some options inside the park for lunch or dinner. I can remember, during one of our previous visits, my husband and I ended up in Toad Hall for fish and chips and it was one of the worst meals we ever had, anywhere. So I thought maybe some forward planning might be prudent. And I definitely wanted a meal at Chez Remy as it seemed to be the one that many people loved.

You can read more about planning a trip to Disneyland Paris with kids, with hints, tips and secrets to having the best time in this blog post. I must say a big thank you to everyone who gave us some recommendations as to the best places to eat at Disneyland Paris. It seems Disneyland Paris dining is a minefield. We had a lot to choose from before our trip, and after consulting with our friends, picked what we believed would be the best places to take the kids for food during our trip.

All that was left to do was make reservations in time for our trip to Disneyland Paris that December. Likewise, anywhere you would recommend be avoided?

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Was in Disney Paris last summer. Have to agree with what most people say , food is pretty poor. We had breakfast included in our Disney Hotel package, so needless to say in the mornings we used to make sure we were well fed, and I used to make rolls at breakfast to bring with us for lunch later on. Also , plenty of fruit etc. You can also fill up water bottles as even the water is very expensive inside the park. The food in Disney is pretty expensive alright.

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We did the Buffalo Bill show one of the nights where our dinner was included. Would defo recommend this show. Loved it, and the food was good too. Enjoy your trip! Spinster: The podcast angle was so well done in this book - and it's perfection on the audio version. I'm sure we're in for a slew of copycats now that won't get it nearly as right.

AL: It was definitely a letdown. From a genre standpoint, is Mattie avenged? But it's not particularly satisfying and to have no answer to "What happened to our main protagonist? But now I'm a cranky old lady and would probably want to burn everything down LOL. I am glad I was not the only person unhappy with the ending. The book was haunting enough without wondering for weeks on end, what happened to Sadie?

Lisa: It was such a haunting book and so well done The more I think about it the angrier I get. While Mattie is avenged, not getting resolution on what happened to Sadie is evidence of the "universe not being righted. This is YA though, and it's been a big success.